Naming conventionsΒΆ

In the code, we try to abbreviate common concepts in a standard way.

  • aff - 4x4 affine matrix for operating on homogenous coordinates of shape (4,) or (4, N);

  • mat - 3x3 transformation matrix for operating on non-homogenous coordinate vectors of shape (3,) or (3, N). A rotation matrix is an example of a transformation matrix;

  • euler - euler angles - sequence of three scalars giving rotations about defined axes;

  • axangle - axis angle - axis (vector) and angle (scalar) giving axis around which to rotate and angle of rotation;

  • quat - quaternion - shape (4,);

  • rfnorm : reflection in plane defined by normal (vector) and optional point (vector);

  • zfdir : zooms encoded by factor (scalar) and direction (vector)

  • zdir - factor (scalar), direction (vector) pair to specify 3D zoom matrix;

  • striu : shears encoded by vector giving triangular portion above diagonal of NxN array (for ND transformation)

  • sadn : shears encoded by angle scalar, direction vector, normal vector (with optional point vector)